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A new form of travel is emerging. Tour companies care more about giving their clients the chance to make genuine experiences and create memories, rather than just see the “big” stuff.  In 2017, Globus noticed that Italy, once the busiest tourist spot, had become the least popular destination out of Europe. Chief marketer, Steve Born, realized the reason for the decline was that once people visited the popular attractions, such as Venice, Florence, Rome, there was no reason to go back. So they decided to switch things up and create undiscovered tours with Globus.

Undiscovered Italy tours where made available in 2018, featuring about 20 towns in northern and southern Italy, places like Parma, Spoleto, Lecce, Erice, and other destinations became the highlight of the tours. Another change was including a lot of overnights to give travelers more than enough time to explore in depth. The new form of traveling became a popular success and they expanded the collection to Britain.

Coming up with new tours, featuring new towns, and touring new attractions must have been just about the most difficult challenge Globus has encountered. To complete it, they took into account the feedback of all their teams, the hands-on experience of tour directors, and especially the locals to track down the secluded cities in the country.

Uncommon cities are only one of the many reasons why Undiscovered tours are so unique. Apart from the luxury, comfortable hotels, visitors can also stay in historic accommodations. In Gems of Umbria and Tuscany travelers get to sleep like nobility in the historic residence Posta Donini, built in 1579 near Perugia as a summer home for the Donini family. In Highlights of Sicily and Southern Italy travelers stay in Alberobello in Victor Country, a 16th century farmhouse where you can escape the city.

Locals not only helped create these trips, they also form part of the journey. To live the “authentic” experience that travelers look for in these tours, most meals are not in the hotels, except for breakfast and occasional dinners. This encourages travelers to venture out of the hotel and interact with the locals for a more authentic experience. By doing this not only are you enjoying delicious food, you’re also supporting local businesses.

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Globus provides different opportunities for their clients to immerse themselves in local culture. While touring Italy, you’ll make and eat pasta in Narni, in Spello you’ll participate in an olive oil tasting, and a balsamic vinegar tasting in Modena. In Britain, you can go to the Refectory Restaurant and enjoy tea and pastries, and you can have lunch at the local pub.

If you prefer to discover through art and history rather than food, these small towns are home to big landmarks. In Bonnie Scotland you get to cruise the loch as well as tour Stirling and Edinburgh castle, and in Britain Uncovered, you get a tour of Shakespeare’s schoolroom in Stratford-upon-Avon. Visit a Trulli Alberobello, and the caves in Castellana Grotte in the Hidden Treasures of Southern Italy. Visiting lesser known historical sites is better for the environment because there are no crowds, there is less pollution, and less damage to the landmark itself.

These new tours are the best fit for an experienced traveler that fell in love with a destination but can’t seem to find anything different other than the tourist hot spots. Visiting unknown cities with undiscovered tours with Globus will capture the true experience of Italy or Britain through hidden gems in art, food, and history.

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