Six Tricks To Eating While Traveling The World

For some, traveling is about trying new flavors, dishes, and cuisines wherever they go. These six tricks will help you start eating your way around the world.

Don’t eat close to the big attractions

We have probably all made this mistake. The restaurants near the city center and other landmarks are always expensive because they are touristic zones. If you want to try inexpensive and authentic food, it is best to find a place a bit off the beaten track from more popular areas.

Pastel de Nata in Portugal

Choose which meals to splurge on 

Find out what food the country you are traveling to is known for and decide what you want to try, like a food bucket list. By doing this, you know which foods you’ll buy instead of getting everything you see. It’s also easy to have a small breakfast and treat yourself to a large dinner. Always make sure to check and see if your hotel offers a free breakfast! Taking advantage of an included meal will allow you to budget more for meals later in the day.

Arepas in Venezuela

Try to eat healthy

Being healthy might not be a priority when you pass near food stands and restaurants serving delicious food. But, eating your way around the world is not great for your health so you should try to eat fresh fruit and vegetables whenever you can. A great opportunity for this is while touring the local farmers’ markets.

Pizza in Italy

Don’t eat too much 

Eating too much is the fastest way to ruin the rest of your vacation. It’s better to pace yourself and try just one new dish a day. Another way to prevent this is by going out on adventures with friends. This way you can share different dishes, sightsee around the city, and spend time together all at the same time.

Tacos in Mexico

Drink water

When dining at a restaurant always drink water instead of soda. It’s less expensive and it assures that you maintain hydrated during your travel. If you can, take a refillable water bottle with you on your next trip. It’ll save you from having to buy water constantly, you can take it anywhere you go, and you don’t keep wasting plastic.

Pho in Vietnam

Eat street food

Many travelers are wary of street food and usually stay away from it, but street carts are your best bet. Food stands are inexpensive, fast, and delicious. That’s why locals love them! In Czechia is the Chimney Cake, Arepas in Venezuela, Pad Thai in Thailand, and Dango in Japan.

Paella in Spain

Each country presents its own culture and traditions through food and unique flavors, and trying different foods is the best way to learn about the local life of a new place.

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