9 Popular Places You’ve Probably Been Pronouncing Wrong

When experiencing a new part of the world, making an effort to take part in the customs, language and traditions is much appreciated by the locals. Whether you’re discussing world events with a friend or about to embark on an adventure to a new country, it’s always a good idea to make sure you are pronouncing places correctly. This list will take some of the most commonly mispronounced popular places you’ve probably been pronouncing wrong and show you the correct way to say them.

Edinburgh, Scotland

How you’ve been pronouncing it: Ed-in-BURG

Correct pronunciation: Ed-in-BURR-uh

Edinburgh doesn’t rhyme with Pittsburgh, but it is Scotland’s capital and one of the most beautiful cities in the world! It is also home to the world famous Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

River Thames

How you’ve been pronouncing it: THAYms

Correct pronunciation: TEMms

As the times evolved, the pronunciation and spelling of this England river has also changed. So, pretend the H is silent and the A is another E.  If you want to be on the safe side, do as the locals do and is call it, “the River”.

Capri, Italy

How you’ve been pronouncing it: CUH-pree

Correct pronunciation: CAH-pree

Don’t pronounce this beautiful Italian island in the Bay Of Naples the same way you say short-legged pants!

Budapest, Hungary

How you’ve been pronouncing it: BOO-da-pest

Correct pronunciation: Boo-da-PESHT

The Hungarian language is famous for being one of the hardest, which includes the challenging capital city – Budapest.

Phuket, Thailand

How you’ve been pronouncing it: FOO-kit

How you want to pronounce it: FUH-kit

Correct pronunciation: Poo-get

Thailand’s largest island is constantly mispronounced by travelers. Bonus pronunciation: The gorgeous islands of Koh Phi Phi are pronounced “Pee Pee”, not “Fee Fee”

Newfoundland, Canada

How you’ve been pronouncing it: NEW-found-land

Correct pronunciation: NOOfin-land

This Canadian providence is on the list as one of the popular places you’ve probably been pronouncing wrong. Just make sure you don’t forget the last D! Newfoundland is pronounced as one word and rhymes with understand.

Melbourne, Australia

How you’ve been pronouncing it: Mel-BORN

Correct pronunciation: MEL-bun or MEL-bin

Even though they speak English, the Aussie accent might make Melbourne tough to pronounce. Also remember, when you’re visiting Australia, you’re not on vacation, you’re on holiday!

Seoul, South Korea

How you’ve been pronouncing it: See-OOHL

Correct pronunciation: Soul

Seoul is South Korea’s largest city and the heart (and soul!) of the nation, with half of the country’s population living in and around the capital. In South Korea, Seoul is spoken in two syllables, but comes out at one syllable to non-native speakers.

Reykjavik, Iceland

How you’ve been pronouncing it: RAKE-ja-vik

Correct pronunciation: REY-kya-vik

Icelandic can be a hard one for English speakers, but luckily, when traveling around Iceland, most people are well versed in English. Once you perfected the pronunciation of Reykjavik, try saying the largest church in the city, Hallgrmskirkja! (hal-grims-kirk-yow)

After mastering a few of these places you’ve probably been pronouncing wrong, you’ll be one step closer to blending in like a local when traveling the world.