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Cole Hoskins

A popular saying among dart players is “trebles for show, doubles for dough.” When competing in a darts match, trebles are important to gain more points, but the player must be efficient with hitting their doubles to finish and win the match. In this blog, we will discuss what a double is in darts, what it means to double out in a darts game, and dart for doubles practice.

What is a double in darts?

Before you can start practicing your doubles, it is important to understand what a double is in darts. Each number on the dartboard and the center bullseye has a double. Your doubles will be in the outer ring on the board. For example, if you were to hit the outer ring on the 4, it would be a double 4, which would give you 8 points. The same can be applied to each number on the dartboard and the center bullseye.

What does it mean to double out in a darts game?

When participating in a darts match, it is common for the player to be required to “double out” to complete the leg or dart match. But what exactly does it mean to double out? Doubling out means that you must finish the dart game by hitting a double. For example, if you were to have 32 left to finish the dart match, you must hit the double 16, which would total 32 points, to finish the game.

Dart Games for Doubles

Since doubles are so important to practice, there are several different games for doubles available. Switching up the games is also important to keep your doubles practice routine fresh.

Around the World Doubles

A great way to practice your darts doubles is by playing Around the World. Around the World (aka Around the Clock) consists of hitting all the doubles from numbers 1 through 20 in order and capped off by hitting the center bullseye. Each darts double in Around the World must be hit once, along with the center bullseye. Once you hit each double and the center bullseye, count how many darts it took you to complete the entire dart game and try to do it in fewer darts the next round.


Another great darts doubles practice game is 50. In this darts doubles game, you start with 50 points remaining and shoot at the center bullseye. If you hit the center bullseye, great! You just took it out and can continue trying to hit the bullseye with your remaining two darts. However, say you miss the center bullseye with the first dart and hit a single 18. You will then have 32 points remaining and will need to hit a double 16 to take out the 50 total points. If you end up taking out the 50 points in two darts, you can then go back and throw at the bullseye for more practice.

Bob’s 27

Bob’s 27 is another great darts doubles practice game to play. In Bob’s 27, the player(s) would start the darts doubles game with 27 points. You would start Bob’s 27 by throwing 3 darts at the double 1. For each dart that hits the double 1, you would add those points to 27. For example, if you hit 1 out of 3 darts thrown at double 1, you would add 2 points to 27,which would give you a score of 29. However, if you were to miss all three darts thrown at the double 1, you would lose an equal amount of points, meaning you would have a score of 25. If your score were to hit zero or below zero, you would be out of the game and need to restart. The goal of Bob’s 27 is to make it completely around the board by only hitting doubles while gaining the maximum number of points possible.


This is a fun one that our Business Development Manager, Anthony, made up here at Shot. In the game Splash, you take your three darts in one hand and throw them at the board at the same time. Once the darts land, you add up the total amount of points that your darts hit. For example, if your three darts hit a single 5, a treble 5, and a single 11, you would then have a total of 31 points to take out. Once you have the total points from the three darts, you would then take out that score by either getting yourself to a double or taking out the total points with a double.

Practicing your darts doubles can be frustrating at times, but you’re not alone in this feeling. A great way to keep it fresh while practicing, is to mix it up between different games for doubles. Doing so will take out the monotony of dart doubles practice and allow you to get better faster. Being good at darts doubles takes a TON of repetition, so don’t be too hard on yourself and keep throwing!

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