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USA Midwest Tours & Vacation Packages 2023/2024

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The region, which is also known as "America's Heartland" that lies on the northern and middle side of the United States, is called the Midwest USA. This region of the US is a hub of American industries and agriculture, and home to some of the best musicians, the country has ever produced. Midwest USA consists of numerous states and the culture and lifestyle of these states vary a lot between rural and urban areas. One of the things, that every tourist traveling to the Midwest USA appreciates, is the friendliness and welcoming nature of the people residing in this region. With tour operator volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 40% versus assembling the same itinerary on your own! Book your USA Midwest tour today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted tour headquarters.

USA Midwest Travel Guide
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USA Midwest Travel Guide

USA Midwest Tours Highlights

  • Car lovers can never resist visiting the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit.
  • Be prepared to go on a rafting adventure along the Wisconsin River.
  • Let yourself get lost in the most vibrant music scene in the city of Chicago.
  • Step back in time and enjoy the peaceful life in Amish Country.
  • Take a peek into the country's past while visiting Cleveland.
  • Admire the work of artists from all around the world while visiting the Austin Film Festival.
  • Take a stroll in the streets of Chicago and be mesmerized by the architectural landmarks like The Bean or Wrigley.

USA Midwest Tours Travel Tips

  • This part of the US has a very diverse culture and immigrants from all over the world are settled here and most of these settlers are living in communities so they have preserved their culture very well and it's a great experience to visit such communities and explore traditions from all over the world at one place.
  • You can easily find many organic products for your consumption because agriculture is a very integral part of the life of Midwesterners and they tend to grow most of their food, locally. The same is the case with meat and poultry.
  • Like most of the US, cities in the Midwest also move really quickly and if you are looking for an escape into a slower life where you can relax and enjoy the moment as it is, you must visit the rural areas of the Midwest, where the pace of life is quite slow.
  • Food in most of the Midwest has a lot of influence from the culture of immigrant communities and you can get cuisines from any part of the world, here in the Midwest. And if you are not into the traditional cuisine then the urban cities have a lot of international dining options too, such as Chicago, which is famous for its deep-dish Pizza.
  • The currency of the United States in US Dollars, which is easily exchangeable at any currency exchange or kiosks at any airport.
  • The region is very well connected by roads and also there are several airports from where you can take cheap flights to go anywhere in the region. There is a network of bus services through which you can commute within the region very easily.
  • Boating and kayaking around Lake Superior and other Great Lakes must be done with great caution because weather in that region can be very extreme, both in the summers and winters. Extreme cold can cause hypothermia while on the other hand, it is better to stay hydrated in summers to avoid heat exhaustion.

USA Midwest Tours Things To Do

  • Detroit

    This city has a very significant role in the history of this world, due to its contribution to the industrial revolution. Detroit is situated in Michigan State of the US. Many call it as the Motor City of the world because of its extensive automotive heritage. This city is the birthplace of many American rappers, so if you are a fan of rap music then you will definitely love this place.

    Best Time To Visit

    Detroit has very continental weather which is why it changes very often. Although the summers in Detroit are usually very hot, it is still the peak season for tourists and most people recommend that you should visit Detroit during July and August to see Detroit in its full colors.


    You Should Know

    The downtown of the city is considered the heartbeat of Detroit. For most travelers who are visiting Detroit for the first time, it is better to stay somewhere closer to downtown, so that they can take a real feel of the city. Also, make sure that you visit the Detroit Jazz Festival in order to enjoy the music scene that Detroit is famous for.

  • Frankenmuth

    This beautiful little town in Michigan is famous for its German heritage and culture. In Frankenmuth, you will get a feeling that you have exited the US and entered somewhere in Bavaria. This town has a very different vibe to it which makes it a place that you must see for yourself to discover how this tiny American town turned into, what the locals call, Michigan's Bavaria.

    Best Time To Visit

    Visit Frankenmuth when the summer is starting to hit. During this season, this town is in its most lively state and you will be able to see a lot of tourists trying to explore the town, who can accompany you on your endeavors to discover this colorful German town of the USA.  


    You Should Know

    The best place to take pictures of the Bavarian Belle and the Cass River is from the famous Holz Brucke covered bridge, where you will also witness some pretty waterfalls near the Bavarian Belle Riverboat. The best thing about this town is that there is no fee to park your car so you can easily park your vehicle for as long as you want and explore the town on foot.

  • Mackinac Island
    Mackinac Island

    USA Today and TripAdvisor have ranked this island as a Top 10 US Island because of its amazing sunsets and vibrant nightlife. This island has beautiful views because of its extraordinary landscape. This place will give you a pause from your rapid lifestyle and will connect you with nature in a very profound manner. On this island, you will not find too many hotels or too many cars which will let you divert your attention only to the awe-inspiring experiences that this island has to offer.

    Best Time To Visit

    This destination, just like most other places in Michigan, is in its full swing during the summers and the months of May, June, and July are considered a good time to visit this Island. This is the time when the Island is warm and you can enjoy strolling in the streets on a warm afternoon during these months.


    You Should Know

    The best way to explore this island is by taking a tour of it through a horse-drawn carriage. You can also rent a buggy and drive it by yourself for a more self-sufficient kind of tour of the Island. Mackinac is not only an island where you can go and relax in the subtle atmosphere but it is also rich with history and you can have the opportunity to dig deep into the history of this island by visiting one of its museums or historic sites.

  • Petoskey

    Petoskey is known for its natural beauty, historic Gaslight shopping district, it is a charming lakeside community and it has a Victorian architecture that enhances its beauty. Petoskey is located on Lake Michigan, along a little traverse bay. This beautiful resort contains breathtaking views. This place offers residents and visitors the opportunity to unwind and enjoy nature at its finest. The downtown area of Petoskey, Michigan serves as a hub for resorters from Bay Harbor, Bay View, Harbor Springs, Walloon Lake, and the surrounding Emmet Country region. 

    Best Time To Visit

    Petoskey's weather varies drastically, half of the year temperature feel is cold. The best time is to visit in the warmest weather during June, July, and August, as Petoskey is known as "the land of million-dollar sunsets". Its weather is favorable and has the best activities during this time so you can make a memorable experience without any hassle and small issues.


    You Should Know

    In Petoskey, the best thing to do is to go out enjoy the beautiful view and hike in one of the many hardwood forests as summers are the high season for Petoskey. There is a great lavender farm in Michigan's Petoskey area that blooms and refreshes your day.

  • Grand Rapids
    Grand Rapids

    Grand Rapids is known as the furniture capital of the world, the city has a recreated downtown area and an overgrowing art and cultural community. They never fail to surprise their visitors with a huge variety of things to do and see the world's renowned art museum, and historic places. They have beautiful sandy beaches as some people love natural beauty.   

    Best Time To Visit

    Visit the Grand Rapids during the summer or late spring from June until September as you will experience sea life, animation, and sports. The best suitable climate and weather for Grand Rapids are sun vacation.


    You Should Know

    You can go on a stroll in the city's parks like Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. If you are accompanied by kids then this is a great city to have a good family time by visiting the zoo or Children's Museum. But before planning to visit these attractions do not forget to check the opening and closing times of them.

  • Chicago

    Chicago is the country's third most popular city. Chicago's extravagant growth in the 19th century led to a reputation for its creativity in arts, architecture, and business. In each direction of the city it presents a different face of Chicago and its most attractive feature is its miles of well-used parks and other public facilities along the lakeshore. Thousands of visitors come each year just to view the beauty of architecture in Chicago.  

    Best Time To Visit

    Visit this attraction from April through May and between September and October, as it has warm temperature and multiple festivals take place during that time.  


    You Should Know

    This city has so much to offer that one tour might just not be enough to explore the entire city. You can spend a fair amount of time enjoying the vibrant nightlife of the city, which really takes a toll on you once you are there. The Art Institute of Chicago is also a great place to spend some time admiring the art. And while you are here, do not forget to visit the architectural landmarks of the city.  

  • Charlevoix

    This beautiful town in the state of Michigan is one of the places that are not on the list of most people visiting Midwest America. This city is full of adventures and the activities that you can do in this city, during your stay, are countless. Charlevoix is on such a marvelous location that there are three lakes that have shores in this city, Lake Michigan, Round Lake, and Lake Charlevoix.  

    Best Time To Visit

    June to September is considered the best time to go to Charlevoix because that is the season when tourism is at its peak in the city. Many tourists visit this city in the summers so that the days are long enough to bring out the colors of the city.  


    You Should Know

    You can go on a boating and sailing trip on Charlevoix River. This city has a lot of outdoor recreational activities for families that are visiting with the kids. The beautiful architecture in the city is also very captivating. If you are visiting in the winter, there is a good chance you might have an opportunity to participate in snow sports as well.  

USA Midwest Tour Packages

Quick Facts

The weather in the midwest can vary drastically from state to state. Overall the summers are really hot and the winters very cold. It is best to plan your trip either during the late summer, the spring, or autumn. 

  • Winter - December to February

    The winter in Midwest USA can be extremely cold with temperatures below zero and highs between 30 and 40 degrees. Because the winters in the region tend to be very cold and the snowfall in most parts of the region can cause some troubles, like driving difficulties.

  • Summer - June to August

    Summer is a good time to visit if you don't mind the extremely hot temperatures and humidity that might occur during this time. If you are visiting during midsummer, most parts of the Midwest are very hot in summers and that can cause some difficulties. Relatively speaking summer is still a better time to visit the city as the heat in the summer can still be bearable, but if you are planning your visit in the spring then that could probably be the best time to visit.

  • Spring/Autumn - March to May/September to November

    The Autumn and spring months are the best time to visit the Midwest. During these months you can enjoy the changing scenery and slightly cooler temperatures. Which make it the best time to tour the Midwest.

USA Midwest Tours Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Midwest USA Tours?

    These tours are designed for travelers who want to visit a number of cities in the US that are located in the Midwestern region. The tours are specifically designed for this region because of its diversity and cultural significance. You can also customize your own Midwest USA tour.

  • What’s included in a Midwest USA Tour?

    Food, accommodation, and transport are almost always included in the tour, although there can be some exceptions where these facilities are not included in the tour package. Most people also opt to have a tour guide included in the package. It is recommended that you should also get a tour guide, especially if you don't speak English, which is the primary language for communication in the region.

  • What’s the Best Midwest USA Tour?

    We will always suggest you check the details of all the high-rated tours and then decide for yourself which one suits you the best. Some of the tours that are rated well by the travelers are Cosmos, Globus, Trafalgar and Tauck, etc.

  • How Much Does a Midwest USA Tour Cost?

    The average price for a Midwest USA tour is somewhere between $1000 and $4000, this is for the most high rated tours that include almost all the basic facilities included in it.

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